Human Behaviour Specialist & Coach

Human Behaviour Specialist, Coach, Speaker, Conservationist, Adventurer & Entrepreneur
My Story

I was so small, that throughout my school career I was always the smallest.  Thankfully I was a fast learner, realizing that to gain attention small things had to be beautiful or noisy.  So I became loud… “VERY LOUD and PASSIONATE”, this mostly saved me from all forms of bullying, and with a bit of balance, it most certainly gained the right amount of attention.

My wife still thinks my vocals got me my rank of “Captain” during my SA Military Service, even though I tried to convince her it was my passion. As an Afrikaans speaking “boertjie”, I made tree houses and hideouts with tunnels adjoining unsuspecting neighbors homes under their fences to meet with my friends, and I’m still not sure I have outgrown this as I look forward to building tree houses with my grandchildren someday.

My life unfolded between all the complexities around me.  I have a good laugh at some of the ideas I held.  Growing up in South Africa during the apartheids era, being a Military man, studying, marrying and english lady with a brain of her own, my children’s diverse personalities, and the people that crossed my path have all added to my personal growth and extraordinary journey.

In comparison to cars, I always thought of my wife as a “classic” while I was the Ferrari.  Now, many years down the line she has remained the purring classic, and I have become more of a steady back firing 1962 FORD F250…  My morning rituals certainly have become proof of this.  When it comes to animals, she remains the cat, while I have literally been called every animal under the sun except the sloth, which I guess I will still cross off my list in the next 40 years.

My most challenging moments and turning points have been from the pitter-patter in the hallways of my homes.  Children and animals have blessed my life and I made it my life’s work to bless theirs too.  With this came change and a way of life that spun me around and around in the challenges of human growth, and how to get humans to be the best they can be.  My children and nature set me up, and provided me with this never-ending quest.

Meeting amazing people from all over the world and making a positive difference has become my goal.  My role within the Warriors gap year program, Warriors Leadership and Coaching Academy and Shared Universe has blessed all my earthly needs and wants.  Success for me personally has never been a spectator sport, and could never only be measured by finance. Its that internal feeling of gratitude and accomplishment that energizes me when I know that I have made a significant difference that is the most satisfying emotion of all.  Now I move into new pastures where I will protect those without a voice.  

My resume tells more of my qualifications and work ethics.  This is about me.  So here I am today, the boy next door who is living the most extraordinary life in every way possible. 

I have not inherited this earth from my ancestors; I am borrowing it from my children and intend to leave it a better place for them, and all the children of this earth.

Dutch Self-Mastery Workshop
In collaboration with Dirk Hueff of Kyboko, join internationally renowned Master Coach and Human Behaviour Specialist, Rudi Viljoen as he takes his Self-Mastery programme to the Netherlands. 
I am Warrior Self-Mastery Journey
A 6-day retreat-style Workshop with Rudi Viljoen in collaboration with Leshiba Wilderness
Mindful Parenting Workshop
The Mindful-parenting workshop has elements, experiences and learning, aimed at parents committed to enhancing themselves in various aspects of their parenting skills and awareness.
Self-Mastery Intro workshop
This is a 5-evenings workshop and participants will be required to attend all 5 evenings as each session follows on the next.
Self-Mastery Workshop
The Self Mastery workshop has all the elements, experiences and learning aimed at individuals committed to bettering themselves in various aspects of their lives.
The Walkabout
This is a bespoke program that have all the content of the Self-mastery workshop but its gets tailor made to address specific requirements of the corporate team.
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