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Mindful Parenting Workshop
The Mindful-parenting workshop has elements, experiences and learning, aimed at parents committed to enhancing themselves in various aspects of their parenting skills and awareness.

As parents we unconsciously repeat patterns of parenting that we experienced growing up. This workshop is a profound journey of discovery and allows participants to explore who they are as a parent and opening a gateway to becoming a more growth producing parent. This is a tool for enhancing relationships and a technique for breaking through to new levels of effectiveness, self-expression and positive influence.

Each one of us is truly unique! From our past experiences, culture, education and upbringing, we learn and develop patterns of behaviour that determines our personality. Hence we develop an outlook, into ways of being and portraying of who we consider ourselves to be and ultimately how we manifest ourselves in society and as a parent. We forget it is us who construct our own perceptions and realities from our past experiences. The recognition of this allows a refreshing freedom. Parenting, situations, and our approach to life can be altered dramatically if we choose. 

Our 6-hour fast paced Mindful-parenting workshop is specifically designed to challenge traditional ways of thinking, behaviour and reactions, that don’t fully serve us. Our coaching of human potential processes, facilitates fundamental shifts of attitudes and perceptions, leaving participants, more creative, fully satisfied and inspired to embrace a bigger picture of themselves as parents. This results in profound personal transformations.

  • These transformations result in committed parents, who are solution oriented, not problem fixated.
  • Responsibility and accountability become personal priorities.
  • ffective communication transforms the art of listening. Listening for the value in what their children say. 
  • Understanding the impact of your words on yourself as well as on your children.
  • Self-evaluation and understanding makes the profound difference.
  • Experience-appreciation for their children.
  • To powerfully and courageously face the risks and challenges of parenthood.
  • Building of self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Learning a new “language” for communication-skills.

The Magic of the Mindful-parenting workshop is in its design. Each participant draws from the program, whatever is meaningful for themselves. The results they achieve and leave with, are tailored to their own unique commitments and interests. With Rudi’s unique coaching gift, this workshop is a great investment to the parent to be as well as the well -experienced parent.


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